So many shares. The Internet likes the newly hipsterfied Hudson River towns.

My Basilica Hudson photos for @imposemagazine are up. Things I love: Hudson Valley fall, brick buildings, and a respectful crowd at a festival. Link:

I finished editing my Basilica Soundscape photos. // Deafheaven //

SWANS @ Basilica Soundscape (at Basilica Hudson)

When I fell in love with White Lung. (at Basilica Hudson)

Tonight in Hudson, NY: Basilica Soundscape 

I was looking for an excuse to travel up the Hudson from where I now live, so I jumped on the opportunity to shoot a day of the festival for Impose. 

This lineup, y’all:

5:30 Melissa Broder (Reading)
6:00 Emily Reo
6:40 Guardian Alien
7:30 Majical Cloudz
8:15 Mira Gonzalez (Reading)
8:30 Mish Way (Reading)
8:45 Meredith Graves (Reading)
9:00 White Lung
9:45 Deafheaven
10:45 SWANS

See you soon with my camera. 

My latest photo set for @imposemagazine is up. And Death by Audio is closing soon, which is the worst. Link:

Photo from today’s Today in YLT History post. Dewy YLT faces with Johnny Cash.

Best quote: “During our set James looked to his left and saw Johnny and June Carter Cash watching us, and nearly swallowed his brain.

A cropped version of one of the Cassie Ramone photos I took on Friday. Up in due time on @imposemagazine. #viviangirls4evr

Karen O - “Rapt” (Crush Songs)

NPR has the First Listen up. At 26 minutes, I’m not sure how this is an album, but sure. 

Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs - “How Do You Catch a Girl”

Drippin’ sweat for Sonny & the Sunsets (at Death By Audio)

Per her request, we’re all sitting down for Cassie Ramone. (at Death By Audio)

Philly’s The Whips! Gimme all the garage rock. (at Death By Audio)

Tonight in NY: Sonny & the Sunsets, Cassie Ramone, and The Whips @ Death by Audio

I took an accidental month-long hiatus from concert photography, but I’m back shooting for Impose. If you’re in the NYC-area and want to start brushing shoulders at shows, let me know.