Hello - “New York Groove”

How I get ready for a city jaunt. I’m back…!

Terry Malts - “Let You In”

From the new Insides EP out 9/23 on 7”/DIG.

Blood Orange - “You’re Not Good Enough”

Today’s feels. 


JOHNS. buffalo, ny.

One of my favorite Buffalo bands Johns pounding the pavement.

From Blonde Redhead’s new album, ‘Barragán,’ out September 2.

Pre-order available now on iTunes: http://bit.ly/nmhitunes.

Stereolab - “Lo Boob Oscillator”

That moon! La lune est libre. 

Code BMUS - Strike Now EP

I found this music recommendation in the latest WFMU newsletter. (It’s worth combing through the long e-mail, if you subscribe.) Description: “UK ‘81 Pop Group/Gang of Four-style agitpunk recorded at This Heat’s studio.” And Code BMUS used to open up for the Au Pairs! Super! 

Spice - “In Love” 

Made up of future members of Uriah Heep. 

Neil - “Hole In My Shoe”

The luxury of being able to listen to WFMU in the afternoon…

Tonight in Buffalo: TMMC, Orations, and Facility Men @ Tudor Lounge

I don’t have any more concerts scheduled for the rest of my time in Buffalo (less than a week), so if this is my last one, it’s a fine one to end on. Orations is a new post-punk (heavy on the reverb) band that I’m glad to see before I move. 


White Whale’s set (minus the first song, again) from July 21st at Spiral Scratch Records, Buffalo NY. Nudes and Sleeptalker also played.


Running - “Totally Fired” 

Tonight in Buffalo: Nudes, White Whale, and Sleeptalker @ Spiral Scratch Records

Audio // White Whale - “Lost It” 

Folks, this’ll be my last time taking photos at Spiral Scratch for the near distant future. This record store has become a staple venue for punk shows since the closing of a handful of venues. White Whale and Sleeptalker, both releasing new tapes, are supporting Nudes from Seattle.

I’ve only spent about a third of my @recordtheatre credit. Selling all my CDs felt so good.

Half Japanese ‘Overjoyed’ Mini-Doc

New album! 9/2/14!