Dirt Dress - “Dreams”

Dirt Dress made it to the #2 spot on LA Weekly's list of the top 5 garage rock bands in town.

The 'Jews on Vinyl' Project at LA's Skirball Cultural Center

The LA Weekly West Coast Sound blog published a handful of posts about the latest exhibit at the Skirball Cultural Center showcasing mainstream Jewish music from the 20th century.

For the young, hip Jewish audiophile niche, this exhibit feels like bashert. Watch tonight’s Curator’s Talk turn into a single’s event in true Jewish fashion. Young male versions of myself will surely be present… and also your grandparents.

Below are some highlights from the LA Weekly blog posts, including the introduction that aptly explains the exhibit:

[Ed.’s Note: Roger Bennett and Josh Kun are the masterminds behind the amazing Jews on Vinyl project, where they have digged deep to retell the history of Jewish recorded music from the 1940s to the 1980s. Their projects include a blog, a book and a traveling museum exhibit which is coming to LA’s Skirball Cultural Center on May 12 and will be there until September 5. Tuesday, May 11th, at 8 pm Kun and President of MySpace Music Courtney Holt will present “a one-of-a-kind slideshow of LP covers, plus rare musical clips.” The exhibit will be free and open to lecture attendees form 6 to 8. To celebrate this exhibit and the talk, Kun and Bennett are guest-blogging for West Coast Sound, sharing covers and stories from their great archive of greatest moments (and some strangest moments) of the Great Jewish LP era.]

From the post Johnny Mathis’ “Kol Nidre” and how he took one of the holiest prayers from the Yom Kippur service and turned it into a European hit — a hit that may cause one to fall prostrate on the floor like during a High Holiday service:

From the post Superstar of David about cantor Sol Zim, who apparently used to make your bubbie’s panties drop:

From the post Bagels and Bongos! about the Irving Fields Trio, inspiring me to eat a bagel and play the bongos at the same time in a frilly dress and heels: